Friday, October 05, 2007

Wall Of Sound

I can't believe we didn't blog about Wall Of Sound immediately after it happened (it's taken us this long to recover really). We had an incredible weekend. Danny, Deidre and I shacked up in a pimp hotel in Downtown Dallas Friday night drinking and eating Sal's Pizza! Then met up with Jennifer the next morning for a full day of music in the ball park.

The venue set-up seemed superb, with great parking, three stages, and drinks in the parking lot before the Lemurs begun our afternoon with a splendid set; sadly the last with Keyboardist Sean Conner. (you will be missed my friend).

Then a dreamy set by Austin locals, Tack's the Boy Disaster, who ironically we never catch locally. The main stage was set so perfectly so when one band finished on stage 1, stage 2 immediatley began to rock out.

Thanks to the Lemurs Dg, Jenn and I had supreme backstage access. We rocked out all afternoon with Ghosthustler, The Paper Chase (a personal fave), Black Tie Dynasty, and Brothers and Sisters.

A surprise audio gliche (or the supreme rockin twang of Brother Wills voice) unfortunately knocked the audio out for a songs lengthm but no sooner could we grab another beer then they had it back up and running.

Local vendor booths provided entertainment (and booze) for the masses and by mid-afternoon Dg and I were, well... (see below). :-) White Denim was a day favorite for me, as it was my FIRST time to see the Austin Trio. Engaging the whole crowd, and even inviting a audience member on-stage, the gents' rocked the crowd to it's core.

The evening ended oddly, and between audio mix-ups and delayed stage set-ups the three headliners, Ghostland Observatory, Midlake, and Explosions in the Sky were left with lethargic fans and shortened sets. Overall though the festival was a HUGE success. Kudos and hats off to Lance Yocom, orchestrator of the event. We hope you continue to bless Fort Worth with a Wall of Sound.
It was a long road home to Austin, but we're glad to be back in our own beautiful city. HOORAY AUSTIN!


Rg said...

my gawd gurl, whoo spel cheks yer writeng? no one obviously
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Dg said...

hey-remember when we left the festival for sonic. remind me never to do that again.

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