Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Music Week!

WOW - two major releases from two of my favorite bands this week, and they've been on heavy rotation. I am flooded with new music; it makes me sooooo happy. One's not local, but whatever..... First is the brand new album (3rd) from The Octopus Project, "Hello, Avalanche". Still true to their roots, The Octopus Project produces another instrumental masterpiece, mixing distorted guitar, frantic layerd drums, and of course the beloved Theremin. Yvonne has really mastered this ability (have you ever TRIED to play a theremin, it is NOT easy) and she shows off her award winning talent superbly. Fav track so far... hmmm... "Ghost Moves" but it could and probably will change many many times. You can pick up this new album from the local record shop, online at or at their upcoming show at Emo's on November 16th.

Second is the brand new album (7th) from Radiohead, "In Rainbows". Instantly this album became popular due to it's unusual distribution method. "In Rainbows" at first will only be available online, and fans can "pay what they wish". They mean it too, you can download it from When you order the album online it has a blank space to enter your price. You can pay $0 (except there IS a $1 credit card fee) or you can pay $10 (about what I ended up paying... 5.5 pounds?). Current controversy is fans being upset over the low quality of the digital downloads and cries of "promotional schemeing/lying". In my opinion, they didn't HAVE to pay for it and I don't know if I'd hear a difference in quality. You are listening to the music, right?!?! All promotional distribution antics aside though, this is ANOTHER stellar release from one of my long time favorite bands. It includes songs that I've heard from Live performances in the past (i.e. 'Big Ideas' which is now called "NUDE" and a verse short but still one of my faves). Plus they add new material that continues to keep Radiohead innovating above and beyond popular rock music. Fav track so far.... "Jigsaw Falling Into Place".

These two things have made an otherwise stressful crappy week bearable. Who is releasing new music next week???

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