Tuesday, October 23, 2007

WHOA horsey!

Jumpin gee willickers, I've seen TONS of good local (and touring) music the past few weeks. So, apologies for the long update. It's been a musical rollercoaster, and I just got off to puke. (I think I'll get back on it this weekend though - I'm a glutton for punk-ishment).

FIRST was Gito Gito Hustler, all girl Japanese Punk Rock. Really, you can't go wrong, right? Dg, Gina Pina and I scarfed down some eastside comida then hit the "love-n-roll". Some Hotrod Honeys met up to make the all-girl evening even cuter.

(photos by gina pina)

The Diagonals may be my new favorite local band; at least live. I know I know I know, I say that about EVERY band. (and yes, I've been told I have too many favorites... but suck it, these guys rock and are movin up my list). Equipped with two new members, and fresh off of my very own KOOP Benefit (and birthday party) the Diagonals have fined tuned their rock-i-ness and deliver it will smiles and soul. I highly suggest you check the next show out (or two or three). (not to mention, the somewhat passe "hey that's wiley wiggins - the dude from Dazed & Confused" reference - so ladies, if you want to bear his children apparently it's ok to come out and scream it to the world) No word yet on recordings or record releases, but the live shows seem to be "where it's at."

OK, now really, for reals, honestly, Horse +Donkey IS one of my favorite local bands. (what? shut up - I can have at least 3 favorites). I've seen them, hmmmm, 3 times in the past few weeks. My first show at new-ish local venue, Lamberts. I don't know if it was me, the stintch of BBQ, the obviously tired band or the overall "atmosphere", but it was not my best experience. None-the-less a great show, aurally, from H+D.

Then we see them close out the evening of a fundraising party at Rhizome Collective, which luckily is right near my house. A bottle of tequila and short bike ride later, I'm swept off into the musical bliss that only Horse+Donkey can provide. (like a drug, you should try it sometime... $5 a hit).
Lastly, to my pleasant surprise, H+D plays inside while I get ready for the Gypsy Punk Rock Party (that is gogol bordello) at Emo's. I notice that I've seen this guy (aka - Jason Callahan of 'i eat records') at quite a few Horse+Donkey shows lately. Word on "the street" is there is a Horse+Donkey LP (ahem, does that mean vinyl???) on the way?

be back soon with more info on .....Basic

Count Dracula & Some Weed Smuggling


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