Monday, October 08, 2007

Sonic Youth realizes they are not in tune!

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. The place was packed by the time Meat Puppets started. Most of the crowd was wondering why this band on stage covered Nirvana so much (haha idiots). Who was allowed to book a private party inside Stubb's during Sonic Youth rendering inside bathrooms off limits? There was a 50 person line for the Port-A-Johns (ew) and the Stubb's water coolers were emptied before the show started..tsk tsk. Gina tracked down an employee to make them refill them, though I never saw the likes of them as I rushed to get a good spot.

The stage front at Stubb's was a mixture of show-going chatty assholes and uber-fans, with the still heat sparing no one. I positioned myself near the front right speakers next to good friend/show mate, Doug (Austin Sound); perfect distance to somewhat see and record (shhhh). The dense crowd poured sweat and cheers, sure to not let the heat get them down. This guy in particular (see below) made my show experience more enjoyable, literally “rocking out” the entire time! Thanks dude. I much prefer the tall guy blocking my way but enjoying the show to the short dude behind me chatting the whole time about his new car/job/blahblahblah oblivious to the music he PAID to see.

How on earth does Thurston Moore still look like a teenager? (Whiskey Tango’s )

Where does Kim buy all of her sparkly tops? (Austinist)

And just how many guitar techs do 30 guitars require? (Austinist)

(my best picture of Thurston)

Sonic Youth rips out another amazing 80+ minute set, featuring gems from old and new (my personal fav being “Jams Run Free” and Sonic Youth STOPPING to TUNE before Bull In the Heather…. Gina said “Since when does Sonic Youth stop to tune???). Among the numerous “woooooos” (how did this become a native Texas show call???) I overhear hilarious conversations such as, “Who needs the Rolling Stones when we have Sonic Youth” (kudos brother), “Play some Skynard” (yea idiot, they’re going to skip “Incinerate” for fucking Free Bird), and of course my sister’s timeless “That left me Thurston for Moore”. (hahahaha you’re so punny gina pina)

How the hell does Thurston Moore still look like a teenager? (Austinist)

After a disappointing 2nd encore fake-out we venture inside for the “after party” with PEEL!

Elated to have Josh P. back from his PEEL absentee, we top the night off with our fav songs and a few new tunes from local darlings. A triple bill that kept me entertained from 8pm-1am, nice indeed.

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