Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yo La Tengo talks about Nuclear War!

We don't update this blog enough, and I'm personally sick of using Myspace. So, here is my attempt to start fresh and add content...... *ahem*

YO LA TENGO - w/ The Black @ The Parish - Monday Sept. 17th

Saturday afternoon, when returning from working in Dallas which kept me from participating in the ACL fiasco this year, I sat at the airport waiting for my sister. As always, I was rocking out on my headphones, when I glanced over and saw a man standing with guitars. Shortly after the gang of Yo La Tengo stood next to me. I was twitterpatted and unsure of what to do (do I wave, go talk to them, ask for a picture, bother with an autograph?!?... omg I'm such a nerd). I pulled my nerves together and decided to at least say hi, besides I wouldn't be seeing them at ACL. I scoot over and nervously exclaim "I don't want to take up your time, but want to say HI and Thank You!" (insert nervous gushing here). We chat about their upcoming shows at ACL, The Alamo Drafthouse and The Parish, and also about KOOP Radio. I give him my KOOP button (always have a KOOP button handy, I give em out like candy). He looks at it and says "K-O-O-P? I think we've been to this radio station. Is it the one on the top floor somewhere downtown, like 6th street?". HOLY CRAP! I can't believe he was at the old KOOP station. I give him the short story about the fire, and quickly snap a picture cheering "I'll see you on Monday!".

Monday night Gina and I get ready for the show, dubbing a bootleg cassette tape of the Yo La Tengo w/ Jad Fair show from Emo's 2005 we recorded (we even decorated the case). We get to The Parish to find a SOLD OUT show. Luckily, Barry (a good friend and frequent music scener) and a stranger had extra tickets we could buy (thanks guys!). As soon as we get in we see Ira at the merch booth. Gina looks around and buys a button, while I gather courage to give him our cassette tape gift. He is thrilled and grateful for the cassette tape, proclaiming, "Ohhh, a cassette tape, how neat, our car has a cassette tape player even!" I ask what the chances are they'll play "Nuclear War". He contemplates it for a while, but seems into the idea and says he'll think about it.

photo by gina pina

The show was fantastic! Ira went crazy on guitar, while James and Georgia kept a steady beat going for us to move to, "The Room Got Heavy" was a fav for the night, and Yo La Tengo plays for over 2 hours! At the first encore they come out and say something like "This is for the old Jazz Nuts", and play none-other than their radical cover of "Nuclear War". The crowd screams "It's a mother-fucker.... nuclear war... if you push that button.... your ass will be gone.... and whatcha gonna do without your ass.... you'll be assless... goodbye". A second stunning encore, with requests played on demand straight from the crowd completes an amazing evening, well worth the time and money! YAY YO LA TENGO!

On a side note, I would like to rant shortly about how disrespectful so many people in Austin are at shows. HEY - A$$HOLE, if you're gonna talk about your job, new shoes, going on a date, your dinner etc etc etc, then go to the BACK (or go home)! Don't stand in front and gab the whole time; we came for the music NOT for your stupid banter. k, thanks

Hope you enjoyed the recap. We'll try to be regular about these, but I can't promise that booze induced music nights won't take their toll on our memories.



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