Sunday, November 25, 2007

dulce por las orejas (Ear Candy)

I was thrilled to sub for Ear Candy, a show for "deliciously sweet indie pop", on KOOP while regular host (reigning indie pop diva) Lace Durant was out of town. She promised me a slice of grandma's homemade pie, but she had me at "indie pop". Sometimes I wish I had a freeform show, to be able to play more music I find and enjoy, so this was a chance to break out of my "local scene box" (of course I still ended up playing a local set... haha... i guess you can take the girl away from local but blah blah blah....). It was awesome combing through our music for indie pop. Gina Pina needs to do and oldies show, and she could probably do a world music show too. I played a few older tracks I hadn't heard in a long time, and played a few with people in mind (respectively). It ended up being more of a mellow pop set than anything; the french set was awesome and even warranted a "way-to-go" caller. I had a superb time, again reaffirming why I love radio. (oh and I had around 30 internet listeners, so suck it prp...just kidding!!!).
I forgot to bring a tape or record it, so .... fuck...
Here's the setlist in case you missed the wonder....

Yo La Tengo - Winter A Go Go

Jane Birkin - Harvet Moon

Hidden Cameras - Wanning Moon

Flight of the Conchords - Foux Da Fa Fa

Whizzzz! comp

Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher (These Boots Are Made for Walking) - Eileen

Serge Gainsborg - L'Anamour

Smokey & Miho - Blue Glasses

Yellow Fever - Culver City

Peel - Navy Waves

Octopus Project - Queen

Belaire - You Really Got Me Going

Adam Green - Times are Bad

Belle & Sebastian - Get me Away From Here I'm Dying

Viva Voce - Mixtape=Love

Stephen Malkmus - Deado

American Analog Set - Kindness of a Stranger

The Unicorns - 2014

Scout Niblett - Makku Ni Mauro

Animal Collective - Derek

Panda Bear - Ponytail

Graham Coxon - Where'd You Go

Low Line Caller - Over the Counter Kids

Final Fantasy - Adventure.exe

Blur - The Universal

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm pie

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